Mk Story by Kelly Beutler

My sister lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains at Denver, Colorado,
giving me access to that beautiful hiking country. On a visit, I had a
free afternoon so I packed a daypack and went hiking in the foothills
outside Golden.
After ascending for quite a while, I took a break and settled down on a
flat, rain-washed rock. There’s always a clean place to sit in the
I pulled my D whistle out of my pack and begain playing. Soon I noticed a
group of middle-aged hikers approaching, and stopped so as not to blow
them off the trail with my high range.
To my surprise, they stopped also!
Their leader said, “We’re not moving until you play some more!”
So I resumed playing as they filed past, some thanking me. I played a few
more songs and then stood, replacing my whistle in my pack when I heard a
noise behind and above me. Turning, I saw the entire group on the
switchback above me, giving me a standing ovation!
Pleased beyond words, I gave them a deep theatrical bow.
It was my first (and only) standing ovation!
…of course…they were ALREADY standing…

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