I once was lost, but now I’m found, by Cristin Mackenzie

My journey with the whistle began about three years ago after pestering my dad to buy me one as a Christmas present. To my delight and, after a while, my parent’s annoyance I received a plastic low D. Most of Christmas day was spent playing the whistle and that carried on throughout the Christmas holidays.

After around a year of playing my beloved plastic whistle and many, many hours spent on YouTube learning tunes I felt that I was ready to take my whistle playing to the next level! The next level being a change in substance (probably aluminium) to hopefully add more style to my playing.

I was down in London with my dad on a trip to buy and sell guitars when, on an impulse, I decided to go for an aluminium whistle by another well known maker. I was delighted with my purchase and I loved the new expression I could put into my playing.

On the flight home, being quite cautious about the safety of my new whistle I decided to bring it on the plane and store it in the overhead compartment. On arrival in Glasgow, the moment I passed security, I realised that I had left it on the plane and that I couldn’t turn back. I ran to the information desk and they sent someone back on the plane to look for it but it was gone.

I was devastated. When I got home I couldn’t even think about buying another whistle and I certainly couldn’t I afford it. However, when I told my uncle what had happened he said that he would help me get another. After some research and on hearing Mischa’s whistles I decided to order one. This time I didn’t manage to lose it and it’s usually within arms reach. I’m almost glad in a way that I lost the first one, if I hadn’t I’m not sure that I would be playing such a beautiful instrument today. Karma?

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